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We can't know what your experience of church has been in the past. Be assured that regardless of how little or how much, how pleasant or painful, you will be welcomed here at Leo just as you are. We exist to build bridges between people and Jesus, you are not alone.

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Discernment Talks

The time is drawing near when our church family that we love so much must determine the doctrine it will follow in the years to come and which organizational structure it will associate with in carrying out that doctrine.


To help each other better understand the issues, we gathered together in one large Sunday School class. We have completed four sessions and a fifth, and last, session will be held Sunday August 28th at 10:15am in the Youth Room. Material has been presented by John Bowman; he can be reached by email at john@bowman.rocks. Videos of each Sunday School session have been recorded, and we are available by clicking the button below.


Interestingly, if we want our doctrine to continue as we know it (Traditional), we need to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church organization. While the written rules and doctrine have not changed at this time, the United Methodist Church organization actions are reflective of a different doctrine (Progressive). If we want to embrace the changing United Methodist Church, we need to remain with the UMC.


At the close of session five on Sunday August 28th, a straw vote will be conducted to provide the Church Council guidance on how to proceed. If this straw vote indicates an interest in disaffiliating from the UMC, a formal vote will be scheduled for September 18th. Disaffiliation from the UMC requires a 2/3 majority vote of the members present at the formal vote.


As was done in the class sessions please take 60 seconds of complete focus out of your busy day for a conversation with God about our direction.

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We see our worship service as both a vehicle for experiencing Jesus in a profound way, and as a launching pad to propel people farther on their spiritual journeys.


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Growing in your spiritual life means connecting with others while learning more about Jesus.

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Jesus said, "I came to serve." We want to do that too. Join us in making a difference in our community and our world. 

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